A New Room

Nick has a new room.  They moved him one corridor over from ICU which I know isn’t far ,but it is a step to another floor.  He has been holding steady and doing better medically which is very encouraging.  Now it is all about brain integration. 

I have been doing research about coma recovery techniques and have been making a list of things to do to stimulate Nick’s brain.  Bigger news,  today was an exciting day when two physical therapists came in today to help Nick sit on the side of his bed.  He was fully supported and while one held his head the other massaged his back using trigger point techniques and thumb stripping on his muscles to wake up his nerve endings and to fire his brain synapses into remembering how to be in his body.  It was amazing to watch and thankfully I wasn’t alone to celebrate this morning. My childhood friend Cindy was there to witness this wonderful moment we were both mesmerized and we just stood there hugging with giant smiles on our faces. 

What was so interesting was at one point when one PT was pressing a point on Nicks upper shoulders his eyes widened and you could tell for those 30 seconds he was awake and present in the room.  His muscles changed and he actually held his head up for about 5 seconds on his own.  

After that event the social worker told me she is pushing to get Nick into The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago where he can be treated by the top people in the nation. She said he is a special case for a variety of reasons so let’s hope it all works out like that.

I am holding Faith not Fear today…….

However, you know how this ride goes.  Tomorrow it may be a whole different ball of wax so today I will enjoy the gift of seeing my son sitting at the side of his bed.