Brain Fever

Nick’s Cat Scan came back with no big change so nobody is running to drain the fluid he has on his brain.  We are back to waiting for the brain to keep healing itself.  One thing that happens when his brain is rewiring is he gets something called central fevers.  Every afternoon Nick gets a low grade fever and his heart rate starts to rise apparently this happens because the brain is confused in its temperature regulation.

Nick had physical therapy and occupational therapy and has been slowly weaning off his ventilator.  He has one less IV and some other tubes removed which all are positive things for his healing.  Nick wakes into the present time in short windows which don’t last very long which makes me crazy because by the time I get a doctor or a nurse to see what I see he disappears back into the blackness of his brain.

Nick did score a pair of boots today that look like ski boots lined with lambs wool.  This will help him not have drop foot when he has the opportunity to walk again. I am looking forward to that day where I see my son walk towards me.

We are still trying to help him change his cycles of days and nights.  He needs to be more alert during the day and sleep at night so he can participate in his rehab at the hospital.

Sorry for the short update but I am tired and my brain hurts today.  Nicks brain is asleep and mine is way to wide awake.

Love you all!