Darkness before the Dawn

Well, as you can see I haven’t updated for a bit.  We had a horrible conversation with the doctors because Nick started spiraling yesterday down the black hole. He spiked a fever of 103 which is really bad especially when you have fluid on your brain from trauma.  He was spitting up a white foam that for your imagination looked like when you put too much soap in your laundry.  He hasn’t reacted in anyway that the neurologists want so they think he has severe brain damage.  Basically, the Nick that went in the hospital won’t be the one that will leave…..IF he ever leaves.

We had conversations like “remember Terry Shiavo”


Which as a parent you really don’t want to hear that he will be in a vegetative sate for the rest of his life.  Perry and I both know that Nick being Nick would never ever want that and quite frankly we don’t want that for him either.  That all being said none of us are throwing in the towel.  There are the smallest rally points like he responded to pain, his pupils reacted, his Tourettes movement that he has came back and he squinted when eye drops were put in his eye.

However, all of this comes from the lower regions of his brain.  We have been told we will need to make a decision sometime soon.

We are still waiting for the dawn.