From Perry

My husband Perry doesn’t read this blog because living our life at this time is super harsh for us both so one less thing for him to fill his head with the better.  However, he did ask me to post this for you all today so this is totally from his heart.

There are so many of you I do not know.

So many people I will never be able to thank.

You have supported us financially, emotionally, and above all, humanly… and I don’t know what to do with that. My instinct is to say that I would do the same for you, but I don’t want to; not because I’m selfish, but because doing so would mean that sadness has spread somewhere else, and as pure as our response may be in those moments, it only reminds us that it is that moment.

We horde our pleasures and share our pain, happy to be deliciously crushed by the former while hoping to avoid being simply crushed by the latter. And that is where you are, each accepting a sliver of an unimaginable burden that becomes just that much less.

I am completely lost in what should be familiar. I trust you will not let me wander far.