Jelly legs and the power of love

Yesterday I told you old to send prayers for me to stay strong when they reduce the sedation because Nick will be waking up and realize that he is on a ventilator.  Well, it happened.  They took Nick of sedation today at 10 am and then by 11am a nurse called me into his room and said that he responds to my voice the most so I needed to ask him to wake up.

I felt my legs start to  shake, but I also knew I had no other choice.  This is my beautiful boy and he needs me to suck it up and be a parent!  I can with good confidence say you all gave me the strength through prayer, good thoughts, and lit candles.  I stood next to his bed and called his name while holding his hand.  I put my forehead on his forehead because that is how we kiss now that he is 23 years old and kissing his mom seems strange.  I told him he was in the hospital and that he was in intensive care and on a ventilator, but that he is healing little by little and we will all help him make it through this.

“Nick, open your eyes for me bud.”  “Nick, it’s mom, can you open your eyes for me please.”  As I stood stooped over looking at his face and his perfect eyebrows I saw an ever so slightly flutter of his eyelashes.  Then like someone who is trying to bench a weight that really tries their muscles his eyelids shakily opened.  He looked right at me with his big blue eyes.  I have been told that blinking is an action that is from a lower part of your brain but I knew for a fact that this was Nick opening because I asked him.  I then asked him if he understood me and he slowly blinked.  The nurse smiled and said, “I feel like I want to cry.”

This happened throughout today and I am celebrating each victory.

Since he looked like he was slowly waking up they did a cat scan which showed that Nick has a small brain bleed where both hemispheres meet.  His brain also has a bit of swelling so they are giving him medicine to drain the excess water off.

We are now next to his bed 24-7 so when he wakes up one of his family members is next to him so he is not afraid.  As I type this update Perry is in a chair next to his bed reading stories to him just like old times.  Earlier we were watching my friend Totoro which was a childhood video we have watched at least 30 times.  We are helping him wake up with love and family memories.  

Keep sending all that positivity because it is working.