Leveling Up

Nick is a big gamer and when someone playing a video game makes it to the next level it is called “leveling up” (When Nick reads this later somewhere down the road he will roll his eyes and say, “mom it’s really just called making it to the next level”).  I digress.

Yesterday December 16, 2015 Nick was moved to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) which was one of our big goals for him. RIC is the number one rehab center in the country.  Before we took the ambulance ride from Holy Family to RIC the nurses at Holy Family came by to wish Nick well and good luck.  There were tears and prayers and hugs.  It warmed my heart to see how much people cared for Nick.  His grace and power are undeniable.

The ambulance ride was nothing like the last two and I am very thankful for that.  Nicks heart rate did rise up, but it was more because he was hot then because of fear.  In fact, when he got out of the ambulance and we were able to undo his sheets and blanket a little more he laid on the stretcher with his face to the sky feeling the breeze with his eyes closed being ever so peaceful.

RIC is a remarkable place and energetically from the first entry into the building I could feel it has healing powers.  There is tangible HOPE when you walk in the doors,  I know there is anguish and frustration and sadness there too, but I really felt hopeful as we wheeled Nick to the 10th floor.

The 10th floor is where all the brain injured individuals reside.  It is 20 private rooms and everyone is at a different level of recovery.  When the elevator doors opened guess who was there to greet us?  A beautiful therapy dog!!!  Oh my gosh it was perfect.  I requested she be part of Nicks healing journey and my wish will be coming true this week.

When we got to Nicks room and I saw the view over Lake Michigan I said a silent prayer of gratitude because I know each and every one of you reading this blog had something to do with this gift.  Each prayer you sent, each healing wish made helped in making this possible. Of course there is our hero Nick but our family will never forget the blanket of love that surrounds us.

The first thing that happened after we got Nick settled in his room was an  evaluation by his doctors.  I had told them that Nick had a very delayed response to directions.  It literally takes him 2 minutes to respond to something.  The doctors listened and then asked Nick to give them a “thumbs up” and they sat and waited. This part in itself is different because the doctors actually patiently waited.  I was watching from the corner of the room holding my breath praying with all my being.  Two minutes is a very very long time when you are waiting for a miracle. 

Then ever so slowly Nick our living miracle raised his thumb on his right hand and literally all time stopped.  The doctors were beaming.  It was a very good day indeed.