Many things to say

As you see I have been out for the last 3 days.  I have literally gone home and then crashed.  Today’s big event has been the cardiac chair.  It is the first step to Nick being able to sit in a wheel chair.  Since he has been in the bed for weeks his muscles are weak.  Nick literally has to learn how to do everything again…..everything.  I realized this week that maybe Nick doesn’t see us very clearly so Perry found his glasses (which he hates) and got them fixed so he can possibly see us clearer.

We have been using all types of stimulation techniques.  Massage, aroma therapy, energy healing, enzyme therapy, chiropractic and acupressure.  I have had more than one nurse come in and talk to me about the different techniques.  They are wanting to learn more and I am happy to share because others may benefit.

I met another mom yesterday with a 24 year old son who is down the hall from us.  Her son is in a similar situation because of cardiac arrest and she like me has had many people say that our children will be in a semi vegetative state for life.  The thing is no one can say that unless Nick or her son is not responding for at least a year.  It has been 4 weeks.  Our sons are responding, but they are doing it on their own terms.

You are allowed to live life on your terms right?  Why not them?

Our goal is to get Nick in to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  His team is behind this and we are doing everything we can to get there.  The doctors and therapists had a meeting about Nick today so we should hear something soon.  Today I also met his speech therapist who started working with Nick so he can communicate when he is ready. 

Advocating for my son and staying strong.

Have a great holiday everyone!