Medical update

Hey gang, long time no words!  I decided to produce a twofer tonight.  One blog post will be medical and the next one random thoughts.

Nick as you know, had brain surgery but actually nothing touched his brain we should really call it skull surgery.  He had his skull opened and fluid was released and then the surgeons washed his brain with saline solution.  He then had to lay flat for 4 days and wear an oxygen mask for 24 hours pumping 100% O2 in him so the nitrogen that replaced the fluid would naturally disappear.

Cat Scans were taken to see if his brain that had been pressed on by fluid would spring back up at all.  It did a little, but not as much as the doctors wanted.  Nick from his traumatic event has lost some size in his brain.  I am banking on him making up for some of that because he is so smart maybe his more compact brain would still beat my brain any day of the week.

Nick did start on a new Nuero-Stimulant which they usually use for individuals with Parkinson’s.  It is called Sinemet.  It helps with muscle control and after one dose his arms relaxed a bit.  However, if you read the side effects they are less than pleasant so this is the dance we do now.  What is the best for Nick to get to the next level.

We have two looming challenges right now.  One has a potential to be life threatening and the other has the potential for a bit of sadness.  The first is Nick has Gastro Paresis basically his stomach has lost the ability to digest food properly.  This leads to fermentation in his gut which leads to nausea and gagging for hours on end.  Pain and discomfort and potential malnutrition which of course as you all know could lead to death.  

The second challenge is his contractions of his arms and his feet.  If these don’t unwind he may lose his ability to play his guitar which he has loved and he may not be able to walk if his feet don’t relax.  Both of these are sad for sure but don’t scare me as much as the Gastro Paresis does.

Nicks’s arm was casted last week for a custom splint because he has broke through all the splints he has been given up to this point.  He is very strong and really hates being strapped down.  This is always a challenge because until his brain allows his muscles to relax we need tools to shape his arms and feet to stay in the healthiest state.

He did get all those staples taken out of his head and it looks really good.  I am hoping that when his hair grows back it will just cover it all up.  I fortunately have a childhood friend named Clara who happened to come into town to visit me and she LOVES all kinds of medical gore stuff so she gladly stood with Nick as they plucked the staples out if his head.  Thank you Clara.

In fact, this week has been full of wonderful visits from friends new and old.  My usual crew of Lisa caretakers have been busy so a new set of people have shown up to fill in the love gaps.  I have had ugly dolls delivered, pizza delivered,Chinese medicine potions delivered, Bodywork for Nick, Prayer books were delivered along with a Rosary. Oh and once when Nick vomited and I was out of the room …Penny caught it in her hand :-)  Now that is love don’t ya think!

Other celebrations in the medical realm without getting in too much detail is that Nicks bodily functions are working properly so even though he is challenged in some key areas his body is still kicking some ass!

This week I am going to chat with the Nutritionist and I am going to ask for a consult from a Gastroenterologist. Hopefully his splint will be ready and we can still pray that his new nuero-stim medicine will reduce his muscle spasms and not create new problems.

One thing I have been doing is remembering how far we have come.  Do you all remember?

So really, I don’t have much to complain about now do I……