Off the Ice

This is going to be a quick update.  I am in Nicks’s room and they took him totally off the ventilator and he is breathing on his own.  He has his tracheostomy but it isn’t attached to the vent machine.  His lungs are getting stronger this way.

The biggest thing is he is off the ice machine!!!!  I am so happy.  Two nights ago when he was shivering so horribly Perry saw a message popping up on the machine so he googled information about it and found the instruction manual and learned that the ice vest that was on Nick was malfunctioning and he had the nurse take it off and it made 100% difference in our son’s comfort!  So he no longer has an ice blanket, hat or vest which makes this mama very happy.

He finally got a spinal tap which will definitively show if the virus made it to his brain because Nick’s MRI showed his White Matter in his brain is affected.  This is my next goal and biggest hurdle to find ways to get his brain to rewire.

I spoke with the Chief Medical Officer from Northwestern Hospital last night and he said everything that has been done is what they would of done there also so we are on the right track.  I put a call into a Lymes Disease specialist (because Nick also tested positive for Lymes disease) who also knows about West Nile and hopefully I will gain insight on how to clear the viruses from his system.

Today I am going to tour a long term care facility and Nick will probably move there if my insurance allows it.  CROSS YOUR FINGERS.