The dance

 Happy Chanukah let’s celebrate the second day of light.  Today’s light in the Nigro household was Nick made it to a wheel chair!  Woot.  He graduated from a cardiac chair to a wheel chair which will help me when he leaves the hospital and I have to take care of him.   

We met with the RIC nurse today and when she came in she already had a less than positive review of Nick because she read the therapists notes.  I am very happy that I began video taping Nick’s progress because that is what I showed the nurse and she had a very different outlook at the end of the conversation. 

That being said, the downside is Nick responds to family (which includes some of our friends who are like family) more than strangers which includes his therapists.  So if he doesn’t respond positively within 2 weeks of entering RIC he will be coming home and having to go to outpatient therapy.


We currently have one more week at Holy Family but if Nick needs a procedure after seeing the brain surgeon than we have longer which would be a benefit for him because it gives him some more rewiring time.  If Nick doesn’t have to get a leak in his spinal column fixed then we have one week and he will most likely be heading to RIC.

The dance begins……