This Just In

Well, kids this just in. The West Nile Virus didn’t get into his spinal fluid so it didn’t attack his brain. His spinal tap was negative for the virus.  The Lymes disease test hasn’t come back yet so we will see how that turns out.  Which means the doctors are back to scratching their heads about what really happened to cause this cascade of catastrophe.

  Let’s tell you all some good things.  Last night Nick was super restless and his heart rate was high, but he was also moving his arms which is a victory for Team Nigro.  He is beginning to  track with his eyes when something changes in the room, but the best news is that he had an AWESOME night nurse named Harry.  Harry is a big burly dude who is also a kind man.  When Harry was touching Nicks right arm Nick grabbed his hand and Harry said it freaked him out…in a very good way.  This is big news because Nick wasn’t moving his right arm much.  So his nerves are activating there now and it’s waking up more.

The other victory is when Nick was super anxious this morning I played through his headphones another story that his sister narrated and apparently she also has commentary throughout the story.  His heart rate slowed to a normal pace which was such a beautiful moment to see as a parent.  When Nick wasn’t in this hospital bed and he was his former self when Emily asked if he still loved her or cared about her he would grumble and get annoyed.  This is proof that he really does, but never wanted to say it because he knew it would bug Emily and it was more fun to torture his sister this way.  

He is currently listening to some of his favorite bands from back in the day.  Right now it is Portugal the Man.  His eyes keep moving from side to side which is something that happens when one is trying to recall something or remember. It is really cool to watch new ways in which Nick is communicating.  He can make machines beep and numbers move which he knows makes us pay attention.  He is making his point without words.

I did play a spotify set of Portugal the Man in his room out loud and I had my own dance party which he watched.  I used to do this when he was at his computer in his room at home and he would laugh at me. It was one of my crazy mom traits that I could pull out if I was going to embarrass him in front of his friends and yes I pulled the dance card every now and then.

There is some challenges we are facing here at the moment but we will address those later.  I am celebrating this present moment.

Carpe Diem baby.