Your Fired

The other day the neurologist pulled up Nick’s cat scans with a mission of telling me how “damaged” he was.  He first pulled up a cat scan of a 70 year old patient to show me their brain and how it filled up the skull and then he pulled up Nicks’ brain and showed me that there are some spaces in the frontal lobe that have some fluid which means that his brain shrunk down more because of the traumatic brain injury.  Basically saying that someone 70 has a much better brain than Nick.

Well, yeah, that didn’t go over very well.

I listened and nodded my head and then started to ask questions that he couldn’t answer because basically nobody really knows the extraordinary capacity of the brain.  He talked nursing homes with me.  Which was for 2.5 seconds humorous because he mentioned “Mather” of being a good nursing home for Nick.  A few things about that, one is that I was employed by Mather until 2 weeks ago and two, Mather serves older adults not 23 year old kids with TBI.

I asked for another Neurologist that same day and guess what the first words out of her mouth were?  Oh, I have confidence in the recovery of young people with TBI because “Their brains are not done growing yet.”  Yep, we have read the scientific fact that male brains do not stop growing and wiring until they are 25 years old.  I was very much hoping that the first neurologist would be walking by at that moment so I could have asked our new doctor to repeat herself.

We are making some new recovery plans for Nick.  Some involving RIC and I am also beginning to look at how we need to make our home a little different for Nick’s rehab.  Nick already had the downstairs for his bedroom and it is big which is helpful for a different bed and any other tools we need to get him up and going.

Oops….gotta run. Have to take care of something for Nick.  I will write more later.