People and places I've seen

Obama and me

In 2010 I received the Presidential Citizens Medal for community service.  While I was on stage receiving my award I whispered a little story into President Obama’s ear which went something like this: In 8th grade I was such a rowdy student that I was told I wouldn’t be able to go on the 8th grade field trip to Washington because and I quote, “You would give Fairview South a bad name.” I thought it humorous that many years later I was receiving a medal from the President of the United States for my good works thinking all along I should be holding up a big sign that said, “Look at me now Principle Strongin!”

How I serve my community

This is a video done by Crazy Leg Productions about some of the work I have done.  It  is one of my favorites because it captured the essence of my message.  We need to shake things up in the world, but mostly in our own precious lives.  Just because you are the boss doesn't mean you shouldn't be doing the dishes.  Maybe ask the dishwasher or the janitor how to run the company! Let the folks with the smallest voices lay a little wisdom on you.  I promise you will be surprised. <3

We laughed

I grew up with a group of guys who always had my back.  We hung out at “The Corner” and we were each other’s everything. The Corner Boys are rooted in my soul.  Here is me and my friend Dennis jamming it out back in the early days.

People Magazine

I am not a celebrity magazine fan. I am more a non-fiction type of girl, so when I was asked to be in People Magazine Twice I had to laugh, but you know what?....It was kind of fun!